Inspire Your Inner Artist At The Greenville Museum Of Art

Man admiring art in an art gallery

Man admiring art in an art gallery

The Greenville Museum of Art began as an outgrowth of the first Women’s Club Art Festival in 1935. Now, over 15,000 art lovers walk through its doors each year. GMoA maintains a strong commitment to open access to world-class artworks. Also, GMoA offers classes and exhibits on a rotating schedule. In addition, instructors design classes to help both young and old. Students explore fresh and personal interpretations of what art means to them.

Celebrating Local Artists

The Greenville Museum of Art believes in showing work produced by local artists. Indeed, several permanent exhibits show the incredible range of local North Carolinian artists. For instance, GMoA is the home of a fine collection of North Carolina pottery with a focus on Jugtown Pottery. Then explore a permanent exhibit devoted to Francis Speight and Sarah Blakeslee. After that, see the Kenneth Noland Gallery. It features the work of Black Mountain College.

Your Art Brought to Life

GMoA wants to encourage everyone’s inner artists to grow and shine. And there are several classes available to support you on your art journey. Yes, you should definitely try, even if you’re a total beginner. First, explore different mediums and get one-on-one instruction in the Artist’s Studio. Both members and nonmembers can enroll in four classes for each session available. But members will save $10 off the cost.

Take on Textile Art

Art isn’t only putting paint on a canvas. Also, art instruction doesn’t stop once you reach adulthood. GMoA offers several ways for adults to delve into their artistic sides.

Explore the textile arts as you weave, stitch, or sew with an instructor. Learn how to crochet, knit, and quilt something totally unique. Also, you can explore jewelry crafting jewelry techniques with an instructor. Finally, classes are flexible — students can take classes exploring the textile arts regularly or by the project.

Always Current in Events

The Greenville Museum of Art weaves together art showing GMoA’s roots. Likewise, it also looks at current events and the future. Besides the permanent exhibits, GMoA features temporary exhibits. These exhibits reflect on Greenville’s place in the outside world. Museum-goers can also look for events that allow you to explore more.

The Greensville Museum of Art is open to suggestions. For instance, did you know you can propose a future exhibit? Currently, there are also three exhibits available that other galleries can bring in.

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Greenville is Rich in Culture

Greenville Museum of Art celebrates Greenville and North Carolina. As a result, there is a long history of fine local art. GMoA seeks to uphold those artists and show their works. The goal is always to involve the community and forge connections.

If you are in the Greenville area and you haven’t stopped by GMoA lately, it’s worth another look. And, you’ll love seeing old favorites and exploring what’s new. So go ahead and feed your artistic side.

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