5 Easy Ways To Make Your Car Smell Better

Young couple driving in car,

Young couple driving in car,Over time our beloved vehicles take on some battle scars. This can often take the form of exterior blemishes as well as interior stains or tears in the upholstery. But sometimes what causes those nasty stains also leaves behind an unforgiving aroma. Fortunately for all of us, there are a couple of great home remedies that can restore order to your car’s fragrance.


Many people rely on coffee to help get them up and out of the door in the morning. But did you know this beautiful bean can provide more than just a pick-me-up? You can use it as an air freshener for your vehicle as well. It’s simple, put coffee inside a breathable container and leave it in your car. The next time you hop in you’ll be treated to the smell of your favorite blend.

Baking Soda

This option requires a little more work than the coffee freshener, but some might argue it’s more effective. To eliminate your car’s odor, lightly dust any or all surfaces and leave it overnight. After it sits for hours the last thing you have to do is vacuum it up. As the baking soda leaves your car, it takes the unwanted smell with it.

Dryer Sheets

This home remedy is even more simple than the coffee air freshener. Follow the two-step process for optimal success. Step one, acquire a box of dryer sheets. Step two, open the box in your car. Done!

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Essential Oils 

We all know someone who has gotten into essential oils. Maybe that’s you? Essential oils are great and can also be used to revitalize the smell inside of our vehicle. But because they aren’t cheap, it’s important to use them efficiently. One of the most popular ways to turn essential oils into long-lasting air fresheners is by applying the oil to a clay disc. Another popular way is to create a DIY air freshening jar.

 Home remedies are often fun and effective ways to improve our vehicles. For times that home remedies don’t quite cut it, seek professional service.

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