Take On Paddleboarding With These Helpful Tips

Close up of a Paddle-boarder

Close up of a Paddle-boarder

Do you enjoy spending time in the water? If so, consider paddleboarding. It’s physical, fun, and a great way to explore the water. Of course, if you’ve never done it before, you aren’t sure where to start. Let’s go over some tips, so you can hit the water with a paddleboard.

Get Your Gear

Before you can hit the water, you will need to get the proper gear. The stand-up paddleboard, a paddle, and a personal floatation device are all needed for this activity. Also, make sure you get lights and a safety whistle. Finally, get a leash that you’ll attach to your ankle and the paddleboard, so the board will stay with you if you wipe out.

Learn How to Stand Up

Before you can take off in the water,  you have to master the art of standing up on your board. Start by walking into knee-deep water and stand next to your board. Grab onto the edges and then climb onto the board, so you’re kneeling on it. Next, put one foot at a time on the board and then slowly stand. Start by raising your chest, and extend your legs to stand.

Get Balanced

Maintaining proper balance is critical when on a stand-up paddleboard. Your feet should be approximately hip-width apart and located on the board’s center. Bend slightly at the knees and point your toes forward. Your back and shoulders should stay straight, and you need to aim your head forward. If you need to shift your weight, don’t shift your entire body. Instead, move your hips.

Hold Onto the Paddle

Next, you need to know how to hold onto your paddle. Hold the paddle so the teardrop-shaped blade is pointed toward the front of the board. Place one hand on the T-grip and the other three feet down the shaft. If the paddle is on the right of the board, you’ll put your left hand on the T-grip and vice versa.

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Stroking in the Water

Moving the board through the water is actually quite easy. You’ll begin with a basic stroke. Move your arms approximately two feet in front of your body and place the paddle in the water. Make sure your arms stay straight as you twist at the hips. You’ll use your top hand to push the paddle down and toward you. Then, take it out of the water and switch sides. Keep alternating sides as you move through the water.

These basic tips will help you begin your paddleboarding journey. As you get more comfortable on the water, you’ll learn additional moves, such as the sweep stroke. Until then, steer clear of other water enthusiasts, so you’ll have ample room to practice your strokes without interference.

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