Simple Crafts For Kids To Enjoy This Spring

Brightly colored pipe cleaners at various angles.

Brightly colored pipe cleaners at various angles.

Do your kids have an artistic side? Let that side loose by engaging in some spring crafts. These activities are fun for the entire family, so you can work alongside your little ones. Then, you can display the finished product all season long to show off your kiddo’s hard work. Once spring is over, you can store them away until next year. Just imagine how much fun it will be to reminisce on these crafts ten years from now!

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

If you ever took an art class in school, you likely know your way around a pipe cleaner. Art teachers love using pipe cleaners because they’re versatile, so you can use them to create various crafts. With that in mind, consider making pipe cleaner flowers with your little ones this spring. All you need is an assortment of pipe cleaners and a glue gun, and they are sure to turn out great.

Paper Plate Rainbow

Paper plates are also a staple in art classes. They are versatile and easy to work with, as you’ll see when you make this paper plate rainbow. You just need a paper plate, paint, cotton wool, PVA glue, and scissors to make this craft. While you’ll want to supervise your kids, it’s easy enough for little ones to make.

Egg Carton Flowers

Egg carton flowers are simple to make and incredibly adorable. You’ll just need an egg carton, paper straw, pom poms, paint, and a couple of other items to make this craft. Kids can paint the flowers any color they want, so they can get creative. If your kids love to play with paint, this is an excellent way to channel their energy.

Fingerprint Spring Blossom Tree

Do your little ones love getting their hands in paint? If so, they will have a blast making the fingerprint spring blossom tree. You’ll paint a tree on a card or paper, and then they will use their fingers to make the blossoms. They’ll just dip their fingers in paint and dab them on the tree. Your kids will be all smiles while making this tree, so you’ll have some fun memories to last a lifetime.

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Bluebell Footprint Art

Maybe your kids prefer making footprints. This bluebell footprint art craft is so much fun that your family will talk about it for years. As a bonus, you’ll have footprints to treasure forever. You’ll love taking this craft out in the future and marveling at how little your children used to be.

These crafts will help you have a fun spring. While they will look adorable displayed around your house, countless memories are being made!

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