Unique Mantle Designs You Will Love

fireplace is decorated with white and silver balls, bells, cones and Christmas tree wreath.

fireplace is decorated with white and silver balls, bells, cones and Christmas tree wreath.

The living room is the heart of a home, especially during the holidays. There is no better feeling than lounging around in a cozy, Christmas-decorated room with your loved ones. If you are looking to make your living room more festive this year, we have some great decoration ideas the whole family will love!

Feeling Nostalgic

Create a cozy feeling in your home this year when you add antique frames, garland, and knit stockings to your mantle. The room will be filled with a wonderful feeling of nostalgia and you will remember why you adore the holidays so much.

Winter Wonderland

White rooms in your home are all the rage right now. If you are looking for something unique and festive, add some shades of blue and white for decor. By adding some garland with an icy finish, your room will look like a wintry vignette. Trust us, this will be uniquely stunning.

Light It Up

Lights make everything so much more magical, especially in the winter. Add a string of lights to your mantle to bring the holiday cheer into your home. You can even add some lights inside clear jars and place them on and around the mantle to light up your space.


Filling an empty space doesn’t have to be a chore. Use your decorations from last year to fill any spots in your living room that could use a touch of holiday spirit.

Earthy Tones

Keep your decorating simple and clean when you add evergreens and eucalyptus to your mantle. Skip the stockings and go for a variety of evergreens and pines.

Plenty Of Pink

Holiday colors can be whatever you like. If you are looking for bold holiday decorations, go pretty in pink. Have fun with a pink tree, pink garland, pink stocking, and even pink ornaments.

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Holiday Flames

Make your space cozier with white candles, lush garlands, and twine. You would be amazed to see how a few candles can add a lifetime of comfort to one room.

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