Fight Dry Skin This Winter With These Pro Tips

Woman applying moisturizing cream on hands

Woman applying moisturizing cream on hands

When winter rolls around, your skin can suffer. First of all, the air can be cold outside, which dries you out to begin with. But then, when you add the heat that you probably have blasting indoors, it’s clear how your skin could feel dry. However, keeping your skin in this shape could do actual damage since it’s not getting the hydration it needs. This could lead to broken, painful skin that leaves you more susceptible to germs. So, how do you handle it? Take a look at these pro tips for combatting dry skin this winter!

Get a Humidifier

You may have seen them around, but have you ever tried one in your home before? If not, it’s time to check out the benefits of using a humidifier. You don’t even have to touch your skin for these things to work their magic. Just plug it in and watch it do its thing. These machines work by putting moisture into the air, which helps combat the dryness that’s likely a result of having your heating turned up. Use one of these for a week, and you might start to notice a drastic difference in your skin’s health.

Turn Down the Heat

Another tip you may want to consider sounds almost too easy to do, turn down the heat. When you have your heating on blast, it can more easily dry you out. This is especially true if you have a heating system that doesn’t rely on a radiator. Just lowering the temperature a little bit can make a big difference. It’s recommended that you keep the air in your home around 68 to 72 degrees – whatever feels best to you.

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Don’t Take Super-long Showers

You may think spending time under the showerhead would be good for your dry skin, but that’s not necessarily the case. Instead, all that hot water can dry you out once you step out of the shower. That’s why it’s a good idea to limit your time in the shower to the amount of time it takes you to get clean. That way, you’re not exposing yourself to too much harsh heat that can strip the moisture from your skin. You may also want to consider taking a shower that’s slightly cooler (even if it doesn’t sound as welcoming first thing in the morning).

By utilizing these tips, you can ensure that your skin stays in great shape all season long.

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