Explore The Farmville Art Trail

Female artist painting large wall mural.

Female artist painting large wall mural.

The town of Farmville, North Carolina, may be charming and quaint, but it offers residents and visitors a wonderful and lively art scene that they can follow on the art trail. The Farmville Art Trail is filled with an array of both public art installations and arts organizations in Farmville.

Follow the Trail

The Farmville Art Trail is only 1.2 miles. You can begin and end the trail at the Farmville Public Library. While you certainly can explore the town to spot the displays of public art without assistance, there are maps available to aid your exploration. The town of Farmville is proud to showcase the beautiful pieces created by the art community that you can grab a map at any of these locations in town:

  • Farmville Public Library
  • Greenville-Pitt County Convention and Visitors Bureau​
  • Farmville Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center
  • Farmville Furniture Company

The Artwork

As you traverse the art trail, you will notice that it isn’t merely murals that you will find along the path. You will also find sculptures, galleries, ghost signs showing historic advertisements, and even a studio for glassblowing. Along with seeing the stunning pieces, you can actually hear an audio recording that accompanies the piece. The recordings are from the artists themselves or local experts that give historic backgrounds. The recordings can be pulled up using QR codes that can be scanned. These codes have been placed on poles by each display.

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Make a Day of Exploring The Art Trail

When you have a free weekend, grab a map of the Farmville Art Trail. There are over 20 points of interest to explore. Bring along your friends, take your time, and enjoy the history offered by the audio recordings. Make memories by taking your picture by these beautiful pieces. You can always take a break in the middle of the trail or take a moment at the end to stop and grab a bite at any of the local eateries in Farmville. Come to enjoy the Farmville Art Trail today!

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