3 Cool Places To Go Antiquing Near Farmville

paying by card at the vintage store

Are you on the hunt for antiques and vintage items? Maybe you want a gorgeous vintage piece of furniture or a collectible that can grow in value. No matter what you’re searching for, you can find it when shopping in Farmville and the surrounding areas. Check out the top spots in and around Farmville so you can do some antique shopping soon.

1.      Woodside Antiques

Woodside Antiques in Farmville is a fantastic place to start your shopping excursion. Instead of being a typical antique shop, it’s an auction house, and you can find some great deals on antique furniture, artwork, area rugs, and collectibles. Some auctions are online-only, so you can also load up on great finds without leaving home.

To get a better idea of what to expect, browse through Woodside Antique’s previous auctions. Then you can see the types of items you’ll find when bidding here.

2.      Dapper Dan’s Art and Antiques

With more than 5,000 square feet of space filled with hard-to-find merchandise, Dapper Dan’s Art and Antiques in Farmville is also a must-visit. The shop constantly adds more antiques to its inventory, so you never know what you might find here. You can keep track of the latest offerings by following the shop’s Facebook page. Just make sure to jump on anything that catches your eye since the merchandise sells quickly.

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3.      David’s Used Books and Records

Do you want to go beyond antique furniture and artwork? You can participate in a different type of antiquing at David’s Used Books and Records in Greenville. While some used bookstores only have recent titles, this establishment carries antique books. You can browse its antique book offering online or visit the store. Plus, you can find records from back in the old days. Both books and records can increase in value, so this could be your ticket to starting a valuable collection.

You can enjoy a full day of shopping when visiting these stores. And because the owners are always on the prowl for more inventory, you’ll have a good reason to go back over and over.

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