Farmville’s July 4th Celebration

Get Ready For The Independence Day Celebration

Birthday celebrations are always important; however, there is nothing quite like celebrating the Fourth of July. Independence Day is the commemoration of the birth of the United States of America. The city of Farmville, NC, wants residents to enjoy the festivities of this holiday. Whatever you have planned for this day, make sure you reserve the evening for the city’s Independence Day Celebration. There will be something the whole family will enjoy.

When & Where You Can Take Part

The Fourth of July is all about being with family and friends, celebrating freedom and the United States of America. The Independence Day Celebration in Farmville will help you do just that and have a great time doing so. First, the event begins at six in the evening on Sunday, July 3rd. It goes until 9:30 p.m. and is held at the Farmville Town Commons on 3672 N, Main Street. Moreover, the event takes place the day before the actual federal holiday. Thus, you will have time for other celebrations with other friends and family members the following day.

Complementary Food

You cannot have a party without food, and the city of Farmville will take care of that. When you and your family participate in the city-wide celebrations, you will be able to enjoy free hot dogs, chips, and drinks. Furthermore, you are welcome to bring additional food as well.

Seating for the Event

The Farmville Town Commons has plenty of space to sit and take part in the day’s events. While there is plenty of space, there is not any actual seating. For your comfort, you should bring your own lawn chairs and blankets to sit on.

Fun Music

As you sit in the Commons Area, you can ring in the holiday by listening to music. Entertainment will be courtesy of the Tar River Community Band. The group will thrill the audience with its talents as it plays patriotic songs. You will also hear other well-known tunes. Feel free to tap your toe, clap your hands, and sing along. Get into the spirit of the holiday by joining in with the band.

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The Culminating Event

Lastly, the night will end with something you cannot do without on the Fourth of July: fireworks! After all, what says “Independence Day” like a spectacular show of fireworks? The display will begin when it is dark and should end at around 9:30. You and your family will have a good view of the fireworks no matter where you are sitting in the Commons. Once the fireworks end, please be courteous as you leave. Be sure to drive safely so that you can enjoy the holiday the following day.

In conclusion, get ready for the Fourth of July festivities by joining with your friends and neighbors at this gathering at the Farmville Town Commons. The Independence Day Celebration in Farmville is the perfect event for people of all ages to enjoy.

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