Farmville’s July 4th Celebration

Get Ready For The Independence Day Celebration
Birthday celebrations are always important; however, there is nothing quite like celebrating the Fourth of July. Independence Day is the commemoration of the birth of the United States of America. The city of Farmville, NC, wants residents to enjoy the festivities of this holiday. Whatever you have planned for this... [read more]

Tow Anything With The Silverado HD ZR2

Tow Anything With The Chevy Silverado HD ZR2
As you shop for a new pickup truck, there are a few important aspects to consider. For example, a good pickup truck has a powerful engine that you can count on in any condition. Furthermore, the right model should be able to tow and haul big loads. Finding a pickup... [read more]

Make This Yummy Tomato Cobbler

Surprise The Party With This Tomato Cobbler
The summer months are perfect for a variety of activities. For example, you might think of taking a vacation or two. However, during the summer, you will likely be with family and friends at barbecues and picnics too. Moreover, you may host or attend a few dinner parties. When you... [read more]

Try These Summer Library Activities

Summer library activities
Kids wait for months for the summer season to arrive. This is a time when school is out and the weather is nice. Therefore, you would expect your kids to be perfectly content all summer long, right? However, the truth is that many kids become bored during the summer as... [read more]

Feel The Silverado 1500’s Strength

2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
When it comes to trucks that perform, you can’t beat a Chevy. However, the 2023 Silverado 1500 is in a class of its own. For one thing, this pickup looks rugged and stylish. For another, it drives like a dream. If you’re interested in buying a truck that can do... [read more]

Memorial Day Macaroni Salad Recipe

A bowl of fresh macaroni salad in a wicker basket.
If you asked 20 people to bring macaroni salad to a get-together, each one would show up with a slightly different take on this dish. That’s because you can make it in countless ways. Overall, everyone’s recipe tastes good. However, try this recipe for Grandma’s Macaroni Salad to wow guests... [read more]

Run The Farmville 5K

Runners racing a local 5K around a lake on a dirt path on a early summer evening.
Some people hear “5K” and immediately think it’s an event only for runners. However, that’s not necessarily the case. For instance, the Farmville 5K in North Carolina welcomes joggers and walkers. For that reason, anyone can participate, young and old. You can jog or walk by yourself, with a friend, with... [read more]

Visit Homeplace Strawberries & More

Fresh organic red ripe Strawberry fruit background closeup
In Farmville, North Carolina, Homeplace Strawberries and More is the place to find the freshest fruits and vegetables. Although you can buy strawberries there, it offers a lot more. So, instead of spending valuable time trying to find a place for great food and value, this is a one-stop shop. A... [read more]

Try This Grilled Pizza Crust

Cooking pizza on outdoor gas grill.
Soon, the weather will change, making it ideal for grilling your favorite foods outside. However, with things like steak, burgers, and hot dogs, why not try something different? You can grill pizza using this dough recipe that only calls for two ingredients. If you haven’t done this before, you should. An... [read more]

View The New 2024 Chevy Trailblazer

If you’re considering buying a new vehicle, check out the 2024 Chevy Trailblazer. After all, it remains a top choice for people who want a subcompact SUV. First introduced in 1999, Chevrolet made some serious upgrades. That’s why people flock to Doug Henry Chevrolet Buick GMC in Farmville, North Carolina. Amazingly... [read more]