3 Signs You Should Replace Your Brakes

Closeup of hands replacing car brake pads.

Even with all of the automotive industry’s incredible advances in driver assistance technology, the most essential safety system in your vehicle is still the brakes. Keeping the brakes in proper working condition should be a top priority for every driver, and that will eventually mean getting them replaced once or twice over the lifetime of your vehicle. However, since so many unique factors are involved, you’ll need to pay close attention to your brakes to see when they’re due for service.

Look for Signs

While other warning signs might be more pronounced, you can inspect your brakes visually to see if there are any notable indicators of wear and tear. Look through the spokes of your wheels to see if the brake pads still have at least a quarter inch remaining. While you’re looking, make sure that there’s nothing out of place like exposed metal.

Listen for Clues

As you apply the brakes while driving, listen out for a telltale squeal. If it sounds like metal grinding on metal, that could signal that your brakes are on their way out and it’s time to seek replacements. Keep in mind that rust can develop if your car is parked in a moist environment for a long time, and you could hear that rust wearing away once you drive again. If the sound persists for very long, however, play it safe and bring your vehicle into the service center.

Feel the Difference

When you use your brakes, the slow-down should be smooth and responsive. If you can feel anything interrupting the process, or if your brakes vibrate or wobble, something is amiss and will need to be addressed by a professional. The shaking sensation could be a rotor issue, while pulling to the side can indicate that your brakes are not wearing down evenly. If you press the brake pedal and it feels soft, or if it sinks in farther than normal, your brake fluid is likely running low.

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