5 Ways To Help Others This Season

Young adult woman working and playing with adorable dogs in animal shelter

With the holidays approaching, you might be looking for ways to give back to your community. Soup kitchens and food banks typically create volunteer schedules well in advance of the holidays, so there might not be room for another helping hand. However, you can give back in other ways. Let’s go over five ways you can help people in Farmville, NC, and the surrounding areas this year.

1.      Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Sadly, some animals will be spending the holidays in a shelter. As sad as that is, you can help out by donating supplies or time. Shelters often need food, blankets, and other supplies. In addition, many can benefit from a few extra sets of hands. Even spending some time with the animals is a huge help.

2.      Donate Clothing to People in Need

It’s getting cold outside, and some people don’t have the coats and clothing they need to stay warm. You can help out by donating clothing to people in need. There are numerous charities in the Farmville area that accept gently used coats and other items. First, clean out your closets, and then drop the items off at a local charity.

3.      Help Nonprofits Online

Do you want to help but prefer to do so from the comfort of home? If so, check out VolunteerMatch. Once you get to the site, browse the opportunities to find ways you can help. From designing logos to handling social media accounts, you’ll find numerous options. Keep in mind that both for-profit and nonprofit businesses can post on the site, but you can filter by cause. Then, you can choose something near and dear to your heart.

4.      Help Students and Teachers

Students and teachers get a nice break over the holidays, but many still have education on their minds. Numerous students are worried about preparing for the SATs and submitting college applications. At the same time, some teachers are stressed about paying for school supplies. You can help with both this season. Volunteer your time to help students prepare for the big test and apply for college. Additionally, you can provide financial support through DonorsChoose.org or another site.

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5.      Help Your Neighbors

There are likely individuals and families in your area who need help. If you have a neighborhood association, ask the board if they know of anyone in need. However, you can also go out on your own and visit elderly neighbors, run errands, and deliver meals.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to help this holiday season. Whether you give time or money, you’ll love the feeling you get when giving back. In fact, it will feel so good that you might find yourself continuing to volunteer well after the holidays are over.

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