Enjoy These Autumn Bucket List Items

Men eating Vegan Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup

After a hot summer, you’re probably feeling energized at the very thought of autumn. You’re ready to go out and do some things, but you aren’t quite sure how to spend your time. You can easily fill your days with these autumn bucket list items. They’re the ideal way to enjoy the fall.

Enjoy Some Backyard Camping

Since you’re going to hang out in the backyard with the fire, why not extend the fun by going camping? You just need to set up a tent and some bedding for a backyard camping experience. Best of all, you’ll have access to indoor plumbing when you camp in the backyard, so it’ll be easy.

Take a Drive to Admire the Foliage

Photographs don’t do the colors of fall justice. Instead of looking at pictures, load up the car and go for a drive. Go off the beaten path a bit, so you can avoid the crowds while gazing at the leaves. This is a fantastic way to soak up the transformation from summer to fall.

Go Bird-watching

You can also go bird-watching this fall. First, download an app or get a book to help you identify the birds you see. Then, get some binoculars and head out. You’ve likely encountered lots of birds during your life, but bird-watching puts it in an entirely new perspective. Plus, it’s a fun way to enjoy some autumn air.

Participate in a Soup Swap

You likely eat quite a bit of soup during the fall. You can change this from an ordinary meal into a bucket-list worthy event by participating in a soup swap. Enlist friends, family members, and neighbors to make various soups. Then, you can swap them, so everyone can try new flavors. Don’t be surprised if you ask for a recipe or two after eating the soups.

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Start a Garden

The fall is also an ideal time to start a garden of perennials. Look for seeds that flower in the spring and then plant them now. Then, a couple of seasons down the road, your hard work will pay off when the flowers bloom. Just keep in mind that perennials bloom each spring, so you need to choose flowers that you’ll love year after year. Otherwise, you’ll have to remove the flowers before planting new ones.

Now that you have lots of fun things to do this autumn, it’s time to get started. Work your way down the list, making memories along the way.

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