Summer Just Got More Fun With These Backyard Water Games

Water bombs in woman hands

Are you looking for some ways to cool off while enjoying some time with your family? It sounds like you need to add some fun backyard water games into the mix. These water games will make summer exciting and refreshing.

Water Balloon Slip-n-slide

Has your family used the slip-n-slide so much that it isn’t fun anymore? You can change that by adding water balloons to the slip-n-slide. Fill your slip-n-slide with water balloons and then take off down it. This is the wettest and wildest way to go down a slip-n-slide, and your family will be hooked.

Water Balloon Baseball

Baseball is a popular summertime pastime. You can ramp up the fun by using water balloons instead of baseballs. The water balloons will explode when you make contact, much to the delight of the kiddos. The best part is your kids don’t have to be homerun hitters to enjoy a game of water balloon baseball.

Water Balloon Piñatas

You don’t need a piñata full of candy to have fun this summer. Replace the standard piñatas with water balloons. Put on a blindfold and try to break the water balloons with a bat. You’ll know you’ve done some damage when water explodes all over you. Kids absolutely love this game, and it’s fun for adults as well.

Water Balloon Catch

You don’t need many supplies to play a rousing game of water balloon catch. Each player should wear a helmet with a pasta strainer attached. Then, the players will attempt to toss water balloons into the strainers. Get ready for those water balloons to explode when they land in the strainers.

Water Balloon Slingshot

You can take water balloon battles to the next level by using a slingshot. Make a giant slingshot and use it to hurl water balloons. You can even play a game like a dodgeball with it. Have two teams, and each one will try to soak the other team. If a water balloon hits you, you’ll need to sit out until the game is over. Then, you can rejoin the fun.

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DIY Plastic Bottle Sprinkler

Don’t worry if you don’t have a sprinkler. You can use a plastic bottle to make one. Poke some holes in a two-liter bottle and then attach the hose to the opening. Secure the hose with some waterproof tape and turn on the water. Your family can spend hours running through the sprinkler.

You can even do the same thing with a pool noodle. Consider hanging the pool noodle from a tree, and then get ready to get soaked.

These games will help you have a fun-filled (and wet) summer. Gather up your supplies and get ready for some summer fun.

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