Ways To Be A Better Guest During The Holidays

Holiday dining place setting

This year, the holiday season will be spent celebrating with immediate family rather than gathering with friends and extended family members. Although you won’t be attending a holiday party, you can look positively towards the future and learn how to be a great guest for when it is safe to gather again. If you are used to being the host and not the guest of the party, don’t worry. We have some great tips on how to be the perfect guest.

Ask What You Can Bring

You never want to show up empty-handed. Offer an extra hand by asking the host if you can bring something to the holiday gathering. Offering to bring a side dish, appetizer, something sweet, or fun beverages can come in handy. You can never have too much food, or help, at a party!

Prepare Your Dish Complete With Serving Ware

If you decide to bring a dish, make sure your dish only requires a quick heating up before you need to serve. If you need special utensils for the dish, make sure you bring those too! It will make it so much easier on the host and be quicker to serve. Your friends and their stomachs will thank you.

Be On Time

Being on time is not only the polite thing to do, but you also don’t want to be the last one to the function. You never know if the host has something special planned and needs all the guests there at the same time. Be on time and don’t miss out on all the fun party games.

Bring A Hostess Gift

You don’t have to bring a gift to every dinner party you go to, but it is a wonderful gesture that the host will never forget! A small candle or even homemade potpourri would be the perfect gift. After all, we are sure your hostess will be ready to enjoy a nice relaxing night after a fun-filled holiday party.

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Help With Cleaning

Offering to pick up drink glasses, napkins, trash, and dishes will help your host more than you know. Plus, it will give you two some time to catch up. There is no better feeling than being able to help a family member clean up after a long evening and catch up on all the latest holiday happenings.

You’ll be the talk of the party(in the best way!) if you follow these tips!

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