Fun Ways To Celebrate Independence Day

Barbeque Grill with Hamburgers hot dogs and sausage

The Fourth of July is almost here, so you need to get ready to celebrate. You can have your own celebration at home with some tips. Check out some ways to make Independence Day fun and festive from the comfort of home.

Start By Hanging up a Flag

You can set the scene for your Fourth of July festivities by hanging up a flag. You can use an in-ground or front-entry flagpole to display the flag. Make sure the stars are located on the top left of the flag when you hang it. Also, keep in mind that flags are traditionally displayed during daylight and taken down when the sun goes down. You can keep your flag up through the night as long as it is illuminated.

Get a Picnic Table

If you’re planning to spend time outside for a holiday, consider putting a picnic table in your backyard. You can reduce the cost by making your own. The project is surprisingly simple, and you can complete it in two days. That gives you plenty of time to get it ready before the holiday.

Choose a Menu

You need to fill that picnic table with food, so take some time to plan your menu. You can go with traditional Fourth of July offerings, such as hamburgers and hot dogs. If you feel like elevating your barbecuing game, you can get a barbecue smoker and smoke some meat. The meat will be tender and flavorful when it comes out of the smoker.

Set up Backyard Games

A Fourth of July celebration wouldn’t be complete without some outdoor fun. Choose which games you want to play during the festivities. Cornhole, whiffle ball, and badminton are all top choices. Think about the games your family enjoys, and then set them up for the big day.

Make Sure Your Yard Is Bug-free

You want to spend lots of time outside during the holiday, but mosquitos can get in the way. Get rid of any stagnant water since that attracts mosquitos. You can also use a non-toxic mosquito spray to treat your yard. This will keep the bugs at bay, so you can enjoy your time outside.

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Enjoy Some Consumer Fireworks

Consumer fireworks such as glow worms, wire sparklers, and smoke bombs are legal in Farmville and the rest of North Carolina. Pick some to ramp up the festivities. Just be mindful of your neighbors when using fireworks. You don’t want any debris to end up in their yards.

These tips will help you get the ball rolling for planning your Fourth of July celebration. From the flag to the fireworks, your home will be quite festive this season.

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