Dads Need Self-Care Too! 3 Father’s Day Gifts To Get Him Started

young man applying cream on face

Everyone needs the right products and tools to feel well and be at his or her best. When it comes to your dad, Father’s Day is the perfect time to spoil him with self-care gifts. Whether it’s looking great or having more emotional wellness and peace and mind, there are things you can do to help. Check out these gifts, and surprise Dad with one (or more) of them.

Running Shoes

Running is one of the best ways to stay in shape. This activity can also help your dad maintain a healthy body weight, build muscle, and improve his mental health. Of course, he needs the right equipment to run safely and effectively. For example, an old, worn-out pair of shoes can cause injuries and pain. This Father’s Day, invest in a new pair for your dad. The Nike Air Max 96 II is a good choice. It looks a little old-school, but it’s a durable shoe built for running and other activities. These shoes will protect your dad’s feet — and they look great too.

The new Balance 608V5 might be a better choice if you have a tighter budget. Its stable base is good for stability. However, it’s always comfortable and snug. It’s breathable, too, allowing plenty of airflow so your dad’s feet won’t get so hot and sweaty. Or, you can go with the Energy Afterburn Shoes from Sketchers. These have a padded heel collar and tongue with plenty of cushioning in the insole. This durable shoe can last for many runs.

Skin Care

A good skin care product isn’t just for Mom. Your dad needs to treat his skin right too. For instance, the right product can help him have healthy skin. You can shop for products to fight acne and other skin ailments. In addition, a good skin care regimen should include moisturizing, cleansing, and anti-aging. Look for lotions, aftershaves, and shaving creams. King C. Gillette, Disco Regimen, and Geologie have intriguing options.

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Here’s an out-of-box idea but one that promotes excellent mental health. A journal allows your dad to capture his thoughts, feelings, memories, and reflections on daily occurrences and milestones. For many dads, this can be a relaxing activity. Furthermore, it’s one that he will appreciate in later years when he can look back on those events that shaped his life. You can purchase the Good Book Leather Journal Series now for Father’s Day. These journals are made of gorgeous, durable leather and come in four sizes. You can also choose one of six colors for your dad: burgundy, dark brown, saddle, black, buckskin, or natural.

Make your dad happy this Father’s Day with a gift that will help him take care of his body and mind. Any or all of these gifts will help you show him how much you care.

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