Dorm Room Essentials For Your College Freshman

father and college student moving

Going off to college is an exciting time for parents and students. However, it is also a time of significant transition and unfamiliarity. For many students, it is likely the first time they will ever be living away from home. To help them feel comfortable and settle in well to college life, you can give them the supplies they need for their dorm. These simple ideas can make a big difference as your child starts a new adventure.

Mattress Cover

Face it. If you’re sleeping on a bed that has never before been yours, you may feel a little uneasy. In a college dorm, you may not know how many people have used it previously. But there’s an easy fix to sleeping on a used mattress you’re worried about. A mattress pad can increase your comfort and give you peace of mind. In fact, some college dorms and apartments require that you bring one. Look for quality products for your college student. For example, it should be extra thick, preferably at least 2.5 inches, though you can find some 4 inches thick. In addition, make sure you buy a size that will fit the bed (single, twin, or full).

Phone Charger

No college student is going to go far without their phone. This has become an essential tool for communication and gathering information. For instance, your student may rely on it for homework and other class needs. Therefore, you want to send your son or daughter to school with a dependable charger. The good news is that you can find a good product for $10 or less. It is also a good idea to look for ones with longer cords, as dorm rooms can be notorious for having few outlets.


It’s nice to have windows in the place where you live. However, many dorms do not have curtains. Your student will need these for privacy. In addition, curtains will block out lights and other distracting things when it’s time to sleep. Importantly, shop for curtains that do not require drilling to install them. Bear in mind that the dorm management likely won’t allow this. You can find products of different lengths and widths.

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Shower Caddy

There often isn’t a lot of space inside a shower for bathing needs. Furthermore, if your child is sharing a dorm with multiple people, the bathroom will likely be cluttered. A handy shower caddy can hang over the showerhead or other spots in the shower. Some even have a strong suction cup that can stick to the shower door or wall.

These simple but thoughtful gifts are great for new college students. Purchase one or more as your child heads off to school this fall.

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