Give These Fun And Festive Bows A Try

Woman wrapping Christmas gifts

It’s that time of the year again when you start wrapping gifts to hide them under the tree! If you have finally mastered how to wrap your gifts like a professional, it’s only right to make sure you have a festive topper too. Instead of going to the store and spending way too much money on store-bought bows, you can make your own at home. We have a few types of bows you can make that will look beautiful on every gift and only take a few minutes to craft.

Go Classic

You can never go wrong with a classic ribbon bow. With directions as easy as these, your bow will look like it came from a professional gift wrapper. Once you learn how simple it is to make a bow, you will want to wrap gifts every chance you get.

Try A Rosette Bow

Also known as pom-pom bows, these will add great detail to your present. The bow may look hard to make because of all the loops it has, but we promise you can craft this in no time.

Create A Gift Bow

You know your favorite go-to bow from the store? You can easily make one of your own with these simple steps! You can make the bow out of patterned paper, wrapping paper, or even ribbon if you would like. Your bows will be so cute, people will be asking what store you bought them from.

Ditch The Ribbon And Use Paper

Are you out of ribbon and really need some bows? Try making a paper bow. These are easy to make and the cutest ones you’ll see. After making these you may be wondering why you haven’t tried them sooner.

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Try A Layered Bow

This festive gift topper is a great DIY. It is so simple and so cute. Adding a layered bow to any gift will bring it to life. Your creation will look so great sitting under the tree.

Whatever bow you decide to make this holiday season, we are sure they will look beautiful on every gift! Grab your scissors and supplies and get to craftin’.

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