Fun Board Games For All Ages

A family plays a board game together

When you have busy schedules, it can be hard for your family to spend quality time with one another. Things like school, work, afterschool clubs, and sports often take up the majority of your time. If you find yourself missing your family even though you live in the same house, try establishing a regular family game night. After dinner, just gather your family around the table again for a lively game night with these fun board games.

Fun Games for Toddlers and Kids

If you have little ones, and you want to have a fun game night that the whole family can enjoy, try one of these games. They have rules that are easy for toddlers and kids to understand and a gameplay that will still be engaging for older family members.

  • Slap Ninja – During this game, family members take turns being the ninja master or the student. The student’s objective is to snatch a coin from the ninja master’s hand while the master uses the game’s giant karate chop hand to stop the students from succeeding.
  • Kids on Stage –  Take turns moving your pieces around a game board and acting out the image on the space you land on while your family members guess what you are.
  • Stories of the Three Coins – This is a cooperative game. You’ll work together to tell an adventure story and guide the character to a happy ending.

Competitive Games for Teenagers

These games are great for older children and teenagers.

  • Monopoly Voice Banking – The traditional monopoly game is sped up by the added feature of a voice-controlled banker in this game.
  • Classic Jenga – Test your fine motor skills. Build a tower of wooden blocks, then pull them out one by one without knocking the stack over.
  • Dog Crimes – Similar to clue, this game invites you to follow the clues to find the culprit of a crime. The twist is that the possible perpetrators are all adorable pups.

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Games for Large Families

Finding games that are fun for large groups and families is sometimes a challenge. Try one of these party games if you have a large family.

  • Scattergories – Break up into teams and challenge one another in this fast-paced categories game.
  • CodeNames – This one is a team-based guessing game that involves spies, deception, and intrigue.
  • Taboo – In this game, you have to find a way to get your teammates to say the guess word without saying the forbidden words.

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