Get The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

Couple with salesman buying a new car

Looking for a new or used car can take a little work. You’ll want to research what type of car you think will fit your needs. But it can be a challenge to know if a vehicle will work for sure until you try it out. When you get ready to test-drive a car, be prepared. Try these tips for getting the most out of your test drive every time.

Consider Calling Ahead

Whether testing a brand-new or a used car, ask to test-drive it with the engine cold. Sometimes, warming the engine up ahead of time can mask sounds and issues that are red flags. Test-driving a car that has been parked for at least an hour will let you hear any knocking or rattling more accurately. In addition, you can see if there are any issues like smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

Bring Some Tech

If you love being able to play your own tunes in the car, bring your phone or whatever you need to ensure it syncs correctly with the vehicle. Then, you can also test out other tech features or hands-free services the car comes with.

Pop the Hood

Whether you’re buying a used car from a dealership or a private seller, you’ll want to take a look under the hood. While you’re there, take a look at the fluid levels. Even if it’s clean under the hood, you need to ensure you have the correct engine oil and transmission fluid levels. Finally, after the test drive, check for any leaking fluids.


Water leaks can be a big issue. As a result, look for any standing water, rust, mildew, or staining. You’ll also want to check the trunk and remember that even if you don’t see it, you might be able to smell it. Finally, touch the carpet to feel for any inside leaks.

Get Familiar

When you get into the driver’s seat, don’t just turn the car on and go. Take the time to get familiar with all the knobs, dials, and moving parts. See if you need to reach a long way to adjust the A/C or the music. In addition, you’ll want to know if you can easily turn on the lights and adjust your mirrors and seat. While checking everything out, set the mirrors so that you can see around you before you get on the road. Finally, once you get going, test your brakes. If your car is new, the brakes should be very responsive, so go gently. A used car’s brakes might not be in the best condition, so you’ll need to know if there’s an issue.

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Get Expert Advice

To ensure you’re getting what you want, it’s a good idea to let a service technician take a look. At Doug Henry Chevrolet Buick GMC in Farmville, North Carolina, you can rely on a first-class service department to ensure your car runs beautifully. Call and make an appointment today for professional service.


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