Have The Best Day Trip In Greenville With This Guide

Enjoying the meal outdoor

Do you want to get out of the house but don’t feel like taking a big trip? If so, a day trip to Greenville is in order. The only question is, what should you do? You can fill your day with food and fun by using this Greenville itinerary. Check out the ideas so you can plan your outing.

Fuel Up for the Day

You need to have plenty of fuel for your day in Greenville, so start the day off right with breakfast. The Uptown District is the place to go for the morning meal. Head to The Scullery, where you’ll find locals loading up on made-from-scratch breakfast items. The ingredients are locally sourced so that you can expect a fresh and delicious breakfast. Oh, and you want to get some coffee here, too. The restaurant serves Joe Van Gogh coffee, which is some of the best around.

Explore the Tar River

Once you’re full, you’ll be ready for part two of your Greenville adventure. The Tar River is next on the list, and you’re going to have so much fun. While you can go out alone, you’ll get more out of the experience if you hire a local guide. Knee Deep Adventures can plan a river trip for you and handle the equipment. With gear and guides, you don’t have to do anything except book it and show up.

Explore Nature From Dry Land

After spending some time on the water, it’ll be time to come back onto dry land. Don’t worry, though. Your adventure is far from over. At this point, you’ll want to head to River Park North. This massive park has five ponds, two fishing piers, observation platforms, hiking trails, and so much more. Oh, and you can even rent fishing boats here. And just in case that isn’t enough to fill the afternoon, the park also has a sand volleyball court. It’s hard to believe that one place has this much to do.

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End the Day With Some Dinner

After all the outdoor fun, your stomach is going to be growling. Fortunately, Greenville has quite an impressive dining scene. If you want something unique, dine at Ford + Shep. It uses fresh local ingredients and constantly changes the menu. With each new menu, you’ll find a mixture of Creole, Southern, and Asia-inspired cuisine. Dining here is a true experience, so set aside ample time to savor your food and atmosphere.

By the time dinner is done, you’ll be ready to head home. Then, on the drive back, you can think about all the fun experiences you enjoyed in Greenville and start planning the next visit.

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