Pay Attention To These Home Essentials

Woman cleaning her fridgeWhile the home you’re in right now might not be your forever home, taking care of it will pay off when you go to sell it. After all, if you’ve kept your roof, fridge, or furnace in commendable condition, a seller will be more drawn to buy your home. Each of these items have a hefty price tag, so find out how you can keep them in tip-top condition. Thank us later when your receive top dollar for your home!


It’s no secret repairing or replacing a roof can put a major dent into your savings account. Although, different kinds of roofs have different life expectancies. For example, PVC roofs can last up to a whopping 30 years. On the other hand, EPDM roofs last up to 18 years, and TPO roofs last up to 20 years. Tough weather conditions and temperatures play a large role in a roof’s lifetime, so it’s extremely important to schedule regular maintenance. With inspections, you can quickly navigate problems before it’s too late and you have to replace the entire pricy roof.


Home furnaces usually have a promising lifespan of 15 to 20 years if they are properly cared for. To make sure you potentially get your two decades out of your furnace, improving home insulation is key. This can be done by sealing your home or covering the cracks in the windows, so start there. If your windows need to be replaced, but you can’t afford the thousands of dollars in replacements, consider investing in some plastic covers for the windows in the meantime. Also, curtains during the summertime can help prevent heat from taking over your home. If you don’t go to these measures, the weather will cause your furnace to work overtime, calling for an earlier replacement than expected.

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While most receive 9 to 13 years with a fridge, all thanks to the mighty steel material, if you want it to stay looking fresh, you must make time to vacuum and dust the condenser coils. Also, if you keep storage like containers or a candy bowl on top of your fridge, it can prevent the fridge from evaporating heat, unfortunately leading to overheating. Overall, just take the time to clean out your fridge. The buyer will be thrilled to inherit such a spick and span appliance!

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