Impress Your Kid’s Classmates With These Homemade Valentines

homemade valentines

It’s fun to do something special for your child every now and then, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to show them how much you care. Many children celebrate the holiday at school, which means that they’ll need to hand out valentines to their other classmates. Of course, you could always just buy some valentines at the store, but it’s even more special if you make them by hand. Take a look at these simple and easy homemade valentine ideas, and your child will show up to school with the coolest valentines in class. All the kids are going to love these.

Fishbowl Valentine’s Day Cards

If you want to make a valentine that’s as cute as can be, then you have to try out these fishbowl Valentine’s Day cards. Using cellophane, you basically make a “bowl” and fill it with sea-themed treats. Why not put some goldfish crackers inside? That’s sure to be a huge hit, and it will look even better than it tastes. Your little one is going to love bringing these valentines to school.

Glow Stick Valentine’s Day Cards

Want to go with an idea that’s sure to brighten up your child’s day? Try making these glow stick Valentine’s Day cards. Not only are they super cute, but they’re also easy to make – don’t worry about spending hours on these. It’s also a great idea because it’s a fun treat that doesn’t involve giving kids any type of sugar. It’s especially fun to do if you know that certain kids in the class have allergies that make it hard to pick out the right candies.

Felt Envelope Card

If you have some extra time to make a valentine that’s super special, try making these felt envelope cards. Whether you want to make the envelope itself into the card or you want to put something extra-special inside, you really can’t deny how cute these are. Your kids are going to love sharing them with their friends on Valentine’s Day.

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Pencil Card

Here’s another idea if you are trying to avoid sending candy or food for the special day. Why not include a pencil in your valentine? Kids could always use a cute new pencil, and this idea is a great way to give it to them. Plus, the actual card itself is simple to make, so it won’t take you much time.

With all of these great ideas, you and your child are going to have an amazing Valentine’s Day this year.

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