Make Crafts With Your Kids This Valentine’s Day

Children Making Valentine's Day Cards

Do you want to make Valentine’s Day extra special for your kids? You can do just that by tackling a fun project as a family. Check out some Valentine’s Day craft ideas that your entire crew is sure to love. Then, you can spend some quality time with your little ones while making some memories.

Paper Heart Flowers

If you want an adorable yet simple project, check out this paper heart flower craft. You’ll use a template to cut out a flower, write a sweet message on it, and fold it up. This is where things get a little magical. When folded, the flower transforms into a heart, much to the delight of little crafters.

Heart Fingerprint Tree

This heart fingerprint tree craft is a fantastic choice for two reasons. First, it’s a blast to make, so your kids will be engaged from start to finish. Second, it’s a wonderful keepsake that you’ll treasure for years to come. You’ll love looking back at the heart-shaped tree with fingerprint branches. It’ll be even more special if you have the entire family add their fingerprints to the same tree.

Yarn-Wrapped Hearts

Your family will also have a great time making yarn-wrapped hearts. You’ll cut hearts out of cardboard and wrap them in yarn. When you’re done, you can display these cute hearts around your house. Oh, and don’t toss them out after Valentine’s Day. Instead, you can add a piece of thread to turn Valentine’s Day craft into a Christmas ornament.

Cardboard Hearts

Do you want a simple project that will look great in photos? Check out this cardboard heart craft. You’ll use a heart stencil to cut hearts out of cardboard before decorating them with chalk markers. Then, you’ll stick the hearts on skewers. The skewers make these hearts the perfect prop for photos. You can take pictures of your family as they pass around the adorable heart bouquet.

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Rocking Hearts

Your entire family can let their imaginations run wild when tackling this rocking heart craft. If you take on this project, you’ll decorate cardstock or a canvas with small stones. Since you’ll glue the pebbles on the canvas, up can display the work of art when finished. Small kids might choose to arrange the stones into the shape of a heart, while older children might go with a more advanced scene. That’s what’s so great about this project. You can keep it simple or make something complex, depending on your skills.

You are sure to create some long-lasting memories when making these crafts with your family. Make sure you clean out some storage space beforehand since you’ll want to hold on to these crafts forever.

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