Get Ready For Memorial Day With These Ideas

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Memorial Day is Monday, May 31st, so it’s time to start planning out festivities. While this holiday is perfect for gathering the family, the best way to teach your kids about the true meaning of remembrance and celebration is with some patriotic activities. No matter where you live or how old the kiddos are, bring out the red, white, and blue outfits and conquer the day off work with these kid-friendly Memorial Day activities.

Fly an American Flag

If you have an American flag, make sure you are proudly displaying it in your yard. Although, if you don’t have one, this is a perfect craft opportunity for the kids. Pull out some construction paper, and take the time to tell them the true meaning of the colors, stripes, and stars. If you do display a flag in your yard, remember to position it at half-mast, as we remember those military members who died for our freedoms.

Visit a National Cemetery

While taking children to a cemetery may sound scary, it is important for young children to understand soldiers lost their lives so they could live in freedom. Pack up the kids in the car, grab some flowers from the store, and teach your kids about the bravery of these men and women. There might even be a memorial service you can attend, or just lay some flowers on someone’s grave.

Pack Up a Soldier Care Package

On Memorial Day we honor those who lost their lives, but we also remember the soldiers who are currently away from their families serving our country. allows you to connect with military members, so start by writing them a kind note and packing up some goods to send their way.

Have a Patriotic Sing-Along

Your kids probably know a few of these traditional, popular tunes, and there’s no better way to celebrate the holiday than with a family sing-along. Whether “America the Beautiful” or Star-Spangled Banner” sounds like something up to your speed, take the time to teach your kids these tunes.

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Enjoy an American Themed Dessert

With patriotic holidays comes delicious foods, so head into the kitchen to whip up a dessert the entire family will love. From red velvet cupcakes, strawberry and blueberry jellos, or even a flag-shaped dessert display, a nice treat is in order for this holiday.

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