New Year’s Eve Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Portrait of a mother and daughter holding New Year's sparklers at home

After all the build-up to Christmas, your kids might feel a little deflated when the holiday finally ends. Fortunately, you can avoid that with some fun New Year’s Eve crafts. These crafts will keep your kids entertained and build their excitement as they prepare for 2022.

Fireworks in a Jar

Many people ring in the new year by watching the fireworks. It’s a sign that one year is ending and a new one is beginning. You can have your celebration at home with this Fireworks in a Jar project. You’ll use water, food coloring, and oil, creating what appears to be a colorful explosion. Your kids will be amazed by the streaks of color in the jar, and you can use it as a teaching moment by explaining the science behind the experiment.

Pop-up Homemade Firework

If your kids love fireworks, they don’t have to stop after making Fireworks in a Jar. Instead, they can dive right into this Pop-up Homemade Fireworks craft. This will give them another chance to make their fireworks display at home, minus the fire. Be sure to choose a variety of colorful ribbons for the project so it will mimic a real display when your kids wave them around to celebrate.

Confetti Eggs

Confetti is also a big part of ringing in the new year, so your little ones are sure to enjoy making Confetti Eggs. They’ll remove the top of the eggs, pour out the whites and yolks, and replace them with confetti. They can also decorate the eggs, adding any words or designs that they wish. This is their time to shine and get creative during crafting. Then they’ll cover the top of the eggs to keep the confetti in place. When the clock hits midnight, they can crack open the eggs, letting the confetti fall.

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Paper Plate Noise Maker

Do your kids want to make some noise during the countdown? If so, they’ll love this Paper Plate Noise Maker craft. Then they can turn a paper plate into a work of noisy art. The dried beans inside of the plate will make some noise, and the ribbons will add a bit of celebratory flair. Oh, and they can decorate the plate to their liking so that they can show off their creative skills.

Your kids will get excited about the new year when tackling these crafts. Get them ready in time for New Year’s Eve so they can join the celebration. And if they aren’t going to make it until midnight, you can have a little countdown earlier in the day. They’ll have a blast and might not even realize that the New Year is still hours away.

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