DIY Your Home With These Fall Crafts

White pumpkin with painted leaves and the word fall on a table with paint, paint brushes, and fall sweaters

Beyond the beautiful leaves changing colors and the smell of home-baked goodies, fall is a time when many people decorate their homes. If this is something you enjoy, there’s no need to spend money buying items. Instead, you can make crafts that look incredible. Although you can find thousands of ideas online, here are a few great options.

Decorative and Fun

The great thing about fall DIY crafts is that they’re fun and make your home more beautiful. If you have kids, this would be something you could work on as a family. It all starts with choosing a craft project. One other thing, most projects cost very little to complete.

Door Wreath

A lot of people decorate their doors. One option is to make a grapevine wreath. Although you can keep it simple, why not get a little creative? You’ll need a grapevine wreath 18 inches in diameter, berry garlands in your preferred color, a Sisal Owl, a small faux pumpkin or gourd, and a glue gun. Weave the garland through the wreath, using as much or as little as you want. Then hot glue the owl and pumpkin or gourd to the wreath at the bottom on the inside.

Candles Wrapped With Cinnamon

This fall DIY craft project is hard to beat. To make this, you’ll hot glue cinnamon sticks around your favorite candle. Then tie a thin piece of twine or ribbon around it at about center level. The finished project is pretty to look at and will fill your home with the scent of cinnamon.

Crayon Pumpkin

Why make an ordinary pumpkin when you can make one that’s extraordinary? If you do this fall DIY craft project with your kids, they’ll think you’re the coolest parent ever. Start by painting a real pumpkin white. Then hold different colored crayons over the top while avoiding the stem. Blow hot air from a hairdryer on the crayons. Soon, melted colored wax will flow down the sides of the pumpkin.

Country Style Mason Jars

This easy DIY craft looks astounding. Choose whatever number of Mason jars you want. You’ll also need cutout letters or designs, white chalk paint, miniature twinkling lights, and faux or real flowers. Carefully attach the letters to the sides of the jars. Next, apply the white chalk. When finished, place the flowers and lights inside and tie a bow around the rim. For example, you could use letters that spell out “FAMILY” when you put the Mason jars in a row.

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Fragrance Galore

Make your home look and smell great at the same time. Although you’ll enjoy it alone at home, it’s sure to impress guests who visit. For this fall DIY craft project, you’ll need four to six pinecones, colored spray paint in whatever colors or colors you like, and cinnamon oil. Paint the pinecones in the same or different colors and, once dry, sprinkle just a few drops of cinnamon oil on them. Just remember, a little bit of this goes a long way. Finally, place the pinecones in a decorative bowl and put them on display.


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