Reasons For Bad Gas Mileage

Detail of hand filling the fuel tank

If your gas mileage leaves something to be desired, you might think it’s because your car isn’t fuel-efficient. However, the car you drive is just one of many factors that determines your gas mileage. First, go over some of the top reasons for bad gas mileage. Then, make some changes to make your car more fuel-efficient.

Poor Tire Pressure

If your tires aren’t properly inflated, they’ll have to work harder to build traction. That requires additional energy, which burns extra gasoline. Fortunately, you can buy a tire gauge to monitor your pressure at home. Check your tire pressure each month and add air to low tires.

Aggressive Driving

Your driving style can also cause your car to consume more gasoline. If you rev the engine, accelerate quickly, and slam on the brakes, you’ll go through a lot of extra gas. Consider changing your driving style to boost your car’s fuel efficiency.

Idling Too Long

Your gas mileage could also be lower than expected if you spend too much time idling. As long as the engine is running, your car is burning fuel. Turn your car off instead of letting it idle when waiting outside for people. Also, if traffic grinds to a halt and hasn’t moved for several minutes, shut off your car to conserve fuel.

Air Conditioner Use

You probably haven’t turned on the air conditioner in your car for a while now. Soon, though, the weather will warm up, and you’ll be reaching for the “on” switch. Then, you might notice that your fuel efficiency drops a bit. Your air conditioner requires extra fuel to operate, so only use it as needed. As a general rule, you can switch off the AC and drive with the windows down when in the city. However, roll your windows up and switch to the AC when you hit the interstate. If you keep your windows down when driving at high speeds, the extra resistance will reduce your gas mileage.

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Overdue Maintenance and Repairs

Your poor gas mileage could also be due to overdue maintenance or repairs. For instance, bad oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and spark plugs can cause a reduction in gas mileage. If you’ve tried everything else and your car still isn’t running efficiently, you’ll need to take it to a mechanic for an inspection.

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