Reasons to Schedule Your Next Oil Change

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Have you been putting off your next oil change? It might not seem that important, but it’s actually a critical maintenance task. First, go over some reasons to schedule your next oil change. Then, make an appointment so you can protect your vehicle and bank account.

Maintain Performance With Regular Oil Changes

The oil in your car lubricates the engine’s components so it can run efficiently. However, sludge and debris can build up as the oil ages, making it harder to do its job. Without proper lubrication, your engine will struggle, and your car’s performance will decline. It might not be noticeable at first, but over time, you’ll realize that your car isn’t firing on all cylinders.

Ensure Fuel Efficiency

When your engine has to work harder to do its job, it ends up burning more gas. This means if you put off your next oil change, you might find yourself filling up more often than usual. Those extra trips to the gas station can add up, so it makes sense to follow your manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule.

Save Money on Repairs

Dirty oil can eventually damage your engine’s components. The components can rub together when the engine isn’t properly lubricated, and the friction might damage the parts. Also, dirty oil can cause the engine to run hot, causing additional damage.

At first, you might notice some subtle changes. However, if you wait too long to change your oil, the engine can seize up. Then, you’ll need to replace it or get a new vehicle. That’s much more expensive than getting the oil changed.

Hold on to Your Car’s Value

Right now, you might plan on driving your car for years to come. However, you’ll eventually decide to trade or sell it. When the time comes, the buyer will inquire about the car’s oil change history. If you tend to put off oil changes, you won’t get nearly as much money for your vehicle. However, you can get top dollar if you provide receipts that show you stayed on top of oil changes and other maintenance tasks.

Scheduling an oil change is a breeze at Doug Henry Chevrolet Buick GMC in Farmville, North Carolina. You can book a service online and then bring your car to us. If you prefer, you can also reach us by phone.

Have you already missed far too many oil changes and want to start fresh with a new ride? If so, we also make it easy to find and buy a new vehicle. You can choose your vehicle, create a deal, and schedule the delivery online if you want to shop from home. You can also head over to our dealership and view our inventory in person.


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