Is It Time To Replace Your Battery?

technician checks car battery

Car batteries can last a long time but eventually, lose their ability to recharge. And since your car battery is essential, you can’t overlook it when it starts to fail. It can be so inconvenient to come out from a long day of work or with groceries from the store only to find your car won’t start. Learn how to identify if it’s time to replace your battery.

Dim the Lights

Your car battery is a powerhouse, so when it begins to fail, you might notice that your interior and exterior lights are dimmer. When the lights don’t seem as bright or flicker, it’s time to test your battery. Chances are, it’s time to replace it.

A Dashboard Warning

Some cars will alert you if they sense that the battery isn’t able to put out enough power. You might see a check engine light, or your vehicle might have a light specifically to alert you that there’s an issue with your battery. Don’t ignore the lights, especially if your battery is old and due for replacement.

A Matter of Time

Even in optimal conditions, your battery will only last so long. In addition, batteries often come with warranties for how long they should last under normal usage. For example, you can purchase a two-year or five-year battery for many vehicles. If your two-year battery is going into its third year, chances are you’ll need to invest in a new battery soon.

A Slow Start

If you notice that lately, it takes a few extra seconds for your engine to start, it could mean your battery is on its last legs. You can invest in a multimeter if you want the ability to check your car battery at home. If you notice problems when you start your engine, your battery is a good place to begin your diagnosis.

It Smells Here

While not everyone encounters this symptom, some people describe smelling a rotten egg odor when they open their car hood. This smell could indicate that your car battery is damaged and is now shorting or leaking. If you catch a whiff of a sulfur smell, make an appointment with your mechanic to check your battery.

A Bad Connection

Corrosion is never a great sign, so if you see it on the terminals of your battery, it might soon be time for a replacement. If you’re checking and cleaning your battery terminals regularly and they still corrode quickly, ask your mechanic to take a look.

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When in Doubt, Talk to Your Mechanic

If you’re unsure if your battery is the culprit or need help replacing it, make an appointment to see a mechanic. At Doug Henry Chevrolet Buick GMC in Farmville, North Carolina, you can trust the technicians in the service department to treat your car with the utmost care. Schedule time to check your car battery and a safety inspection to ensure you’re safer on the road.

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