The Sibling Rivalry: Camaro Vs. Corvette

2019 Camaro Vs. CorvetteThe Corvette and Camaro are synonymous with American automotive ingenuity. Both vehicles have stood the test of time and still dazzle drivers with their power, drivability, and design. It’s a rivalry of the friendly sort. A sibling rivalry if you will. Like many siblings, each has pushed the other to greater heights and both are better because of the other. Which one is better? It’s all a matter of preference. Let’s take an objective look at both the new 2020 Chevrolet Camaro and the 2020 Corvette to find out which member of the family you prefer.


When compared to vehicles other than one another, both the Camaro and the Corvette outperform most vehicles in terms of power. However, when comparing the two side by side the Corvette packs more of a punch than the Camaro. That’s saying something when you keep in mind that the 2020 Chevrolet Camaro is capable of packing up to 650 horsepower.

In recent years the Camaro has included more economical versions of the sports car. Those versions are great for consumers who want a slice of American muscle without having to sacrifice fuel efficiency to get it. The Corvette can’t say the same thing. Chevrolet has made clear what the purpose of the Corvette is in its totality. That purpose is purely centered around speed and power.


In this case, you have to give the edge to the Camaro. Not because the Corvette isn’t safe, but because we don’t know how safe it is. While every vehicle has to pass federal guidelines, the recent Corvette model has never released a crash test rating. It’s clear that the designers of the vehicle were focused on other things.

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The 2020 Camaro has more available seats than the Corvette. One has four and the other holds two. With that said, this is a subjective category. Buyers of either vehicle are likely not concerned with additional seating, but it is a nice bonus for the Camaro.

Which one is right for you? Is it the well-rounded capabilities of the Camaro or is it the performance-driven Corvette? We think the best way to be sure is to take each one for a test drive. Browse our online inventory at Doug Henry Chevrolet Buick GMC and set up an appointment today.

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