Teach Your Kiddos To Fish With These Tips

Father and son fishing at sunset

If you’ve been waiting to get out to your favorite fishing spot, you can bring the entire family along the next time you cast a line. A day by the water is a great way to get the kids outdoors, and they’ll learn a skill they can enjoy for years to come. Try these tips to teach your family to fish.

Plan Ahead

For your family’s first fishing trip, it’s best to ease them into the sport by planning for a brief outing – just a couple of hours. Consider places with easy access to restrooms as well, and if possible, try to pick a spot that’s not too far away. Safety should always come first, so everyone should wear a lifejacket while fishing, even if the trip doesn’t go any further than the shore or a pier. Teaching an emphasis on safety now will help instill responsible habits down the road. To be fully prepared, remember to pack plenty of water, some snacks, and some protection against the sun.

Ease Into it

Nobody’s expected to reel in a giant prize fish on their first cast, or even their first fishing trip. Set the expectations within reach and help your family find the right spot to fish near the shore or off the dock. Consider weed beds where the fish might feed most actively. Get the kids started with a straightforward bobber, sinker, and hook set up so that they can learn the basics first as well. In many cases, you can even start with putting bread on the line, no need for worms yet.

Stewardship Starts Young

To help the fish recover from being out of the water, anglers are supposed to carefully submerge it to let water flow through its gills again. If your kids are old enough to handle the fish, they can learn how to ease the fish back into the water instead of just tossing it back in. Keep in mind that the wiggling, slick fish might slip from their grip, so you’ll need to be standing by as they handle their first catch. You should familiarize yourself and your family with the local and state fishing laws before heading out as well.

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