Teach Your Kids To Play Football This Season

A little boy having fun playing with his father in the backyard

Your competitive football days might be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some gridiron fun with your little ones. First, though, you need to get your kids ready. Let’s go over some simple tips you can use to teach your kids how to play football this season.

Give an Overview of the Game

Football has a lot of moving parts. Before diving into the specifics, give your kids an overview of the game. Explain that two teams put 11 players on the field. One team plays offense and the other plays defense. The offense tries to make it to the end zone to score a touchdown, which awards them six points. Then, they can kick a field goal for a point or try to get the ball back into the endzone for two points.

Also, explain that the offense gets four downs to make it to the endzone, and the downs reset if they move the ball 10 yards. Also, go over what happens on the fourth down, when teams have to decide if they want to go for it, attempt a field goal, or punt it away.

Dive Into Players’ Roles

If you just put your kids on the football field, they’ll likely all run toward the ball, regardless of the positions they’re playing. Take some time to explain the roles of each position. Let them know that the quarterback takes the snap and then passes to a wide receiver or hands off to a running back. Then, the offensive line protects the quarterback and running backs from the defense while the defense attempts to tackle (or two-hand touch) the offensive player with the ball.

Hit the Field for Practice

After going over the basics, your kids will be ready to practice. Practicing allows them to build the skills they’ll need on the field. First, show your kids how to hold and throw the football. Then, you can act as the quarterback while your kids run routes. Finally, provide some guidance when they catch and hold the football to help them improve their skills.

If your kids are ready for tackle football, show them how it works. First, your kids should wrap their arms around the lower part of the other player’s body. Then, they need to propel forward until the opponent topples over.

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Watch the Game Together

You’re going to love this tip. One of the best ways to teach football is to watch it. Have your kids join you to watch a football game on TV or in person. Then, explain the plays on the field and encourage them to ask questions. They’ll become familiar with the sport after watching it with you.

Are you getting excited about playing football with your kids? Grab a football and head to the backyard. It’s going to be a fun day.

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