Upgrade Your Garage This Summer

Well organized clean three car residential garage

Summer might be coming to a close, but you still have time for one more project. It might sound like a big one, but upgrading your garage is easier than you think. Check out some simple garage upgrades that will turn the space into a showpiece, while also making it more functional.

Freshen it Up With Bold Paint

Have you noticed that every garage in America seems to have the same paint color? Almost every garage is either white or some variation of white. Why not mix things up by painting your garage a bold color? Also, add baseboards and crown molding to complete the look. When you finish, your garage will look modern and stylish.

Add More Outlets

Most garages also have a single electrical outlet. It’s hard to take on big projects when you only have one outlet, so add this to your upgrade list. Add some more outlets along the walls so you can power up everything you need when working in your garage. Just make sure you consult with an electrician before beginning.

Create a Multifunctional Space

Right now, your garage probably has two main purposes. You use it to store some things and park your car. You can do so much more with space, though. Add some items that will turn your garage into a fun place to hang out.

A wall-mounted TV is an excellent starting point. Then include surrounding sound speakers so you can jam to tunes. Also, if you have the room, consider adding a ping pong table or something else you’ll enjoy.

And then top it all off with modular seating. Then your garage can be a gathering spot.

Transform Your Floors

Concrete floors might be durable, but they aren’t very attractive. If you want to make the space stylish, it’s time to upgrade the flooring. While you can go all out with modular floor tiles, that’s not necessary. If you prefer something simple, use an epoxy floor coating. That’ll change the look without much work.

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Create an Entryway

Once you complete these upgrades, you’ll have space where people want to hang out. Then, you need to take the next step and make it inviting from the moment they reach the door. Add some plants around the door to spruce up the entryway. Then add some storage for coats, bags, and other items people will want to put down when they enter.

You’ll be amazed by how much different your garage looks when you complete these upgrades. On top of that, it’ll be much more fun and functional. Instead of just being a spot for tools and cars, it’ll be an extension of your home.

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