What Your Warning Lights Mean

Error icons on car dashboard close-up

You rely on your vehicle daily in Farmville, NC, and wherever else you need to drive. Keeping your car in good condition will help to ensure it performs well. Fortunately, some clues tell you your vehicle has mechanical troubles or other concerns. The dashboard indicator lights can warn you that your car needs service. However, too many people ignore these warnings or put off taking care of maintenance and repairs. Therefore, you should understand what these lights are telling you.

Brakes and ABS

The brake or ABS warning light may show up in red or yellow. The warnings tell you something is wrong with the antilock braking system or the brakes. Driving under these conditions is unsafe and could result in serious injury and harm, as well as damage to your car. With an ABS problem, there could be an issue with the sensor, affecting the vehicle’s stability and traction control. If you see the brake light come on, the vehicle may need brake fluid.

Airbag Warning

Airbags activate upon a collision. Vehicles have them in the front and rear seats. Some vehicles also have side airbags and knee airbags. When the airbag system is faulty, the warning light will come on. Though this won’t affect how your car performs, you should drive carefully if the system is not working properly. Sometimes, you could have inadvertently deactivated the airbags. The warning lights can tell you this as well. The airbag warning light is usually red and may read “SRS,” meaning supplemental restraint system.

Oil Pressure Warning

Thirdly, this light will look like an oil can, usually red. It warns you that the oil level is too low or the pressure is below where it should be. If there is a line below the oil jug, it means there isn’t enough oil pressure in the engine. This could lead to premature wear and engine damage. Additionally, the light could be yellow, telling you that it is time to change the oil, though the levels are not dangerous yet.

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Cooling System Warning

Fourthly, you don’t want to drive and have your vehicle overheat. A cooling system warning light will tell you that this issue is close to occurring. The warning light will glow red to tell you it’s time to check the fluid levels. Moreover, a blue cooling system light may come on if the engine is too cold.

Pay close attention to these warning lights. Thus, you should take your vehicle to the service team at Doug Henry Chevrolet Buick GMC in Farmville, NC, if you see them come on.

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