Winter Crafts That Your Kids Will Love

Kids Christmas DIY projects

You may have your little ones home from school more in the winter, which may leave you at a loss for how to keep them entertained. If it’s too cold to send them outside, you probably don’t want them just sitting in front of screens all day. So, how are you supposed to keep them busy when you have so much on your plate as it is? Well, if your kids love to get creative, then you can set them up with some fun, winter-themed crafts. These fun crafts are easy enough for kids to do, and they are sure to keep your children busy for a while. Plus, it’s good for them to exercise their creativity and do something tactile on a regular basis. Check out these easy crafts that they are sure to love!

Shredded Snowman

Do you have a ton of old newspaper sitting around the house that you’ve been waiting to use for something? If you do, then you’re in luck because you can easily make this cute shredded snowman with them. Shred the newspaper (or whatever other paper you have), and put it out for the kids. Then have them glue the shreds onto a piece of cardboard or construction paper. If they make the shreds into the shape of a snowman, then they can decorate it from there. The result is going to be super cute, which means you can even hang it up once they’re done.

Pinecone Decorations

If you take your kids on a walk and come across some pinecones, let them bring them home. That’s because there are so many different winter craft ideas you can do with them. Put out a bunch of craft supplies, and tell your kids to get creative. They could use paper and felt to make an owl, a butterfly, or even an elf. The possibilities are endless, and the main material is entirely free.

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Fingerprint Snow People

Okay, this one can get messy, but if you’re alright with doing some supervising, it’s sure to be a lot of fun. Get kids to put their hands in white paint so they can make fingerprints on a canvas. Once the paint has dried, you can let them go ahead and add decorations to the snowmen to make them their own.

The next time you’re looking for something to keep your little ones occupied, you should try out these fun wintertime crafts!

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