Get In The Holiday Mood With These Christmas Tunes

Christmas music

The world could be divided into two distinct types of people: those who can’t get enough Christmas music, and those who cringe at the sound. People in the former camp can’t wait until radio stations start broadcasting holiday tunes 24/7. The latter? They crank up news radio to avoid the onslaught of merry music. There are some songs, however, that manage to strike a festive spark in the heart of even the stubbornest Scrooge. They vary from person to person, but if you’re a Christmas music lover trying to sway a Christmas music hater to your side of the fence, here are a few good tunes to start with.

Christmas in Dixie by Alabama

Even those who aren’t country music fans at their core tend to find something to love about this song by legendary group Alabama. Whether it’s the deep resonance of the lyrics or the soulful melody that begs to be sung along with, “Christmas in Dixie” is a holiday mainstay that offers a welcome departure from the season’s standard carols and jingles.

All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

Upbeat, fast-paced, and fun-spirited, this song gets frequent airplay around the holidays. Mariah Carey’s version features her signature vocal range and energy, making it a standout that deserves a place on your Christmas playlist.

White Christmas by Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye

One of the best-loved Christmas songs of all time, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” is a classic that deserves all of the attention it gets this time of year. With evocative lyrics that paint a nostalgic portrait of an idyllic old-fashioned holiday, this song is a lovely musical representation of the season.

Silent Night by Just About Anyone

This hauntingly beautiful Christmas carol appears in countless variations during the holidays. Female soloists, male soloists, children’s choirs, groups of casual carolers and gifted musicians alike – this song translates to the essence of Christmas no matter who’s taking the vocal lead. Take your pick and bask in the simple beauty of this timeless tune.

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