Craft Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your November

Kid with autumn turkey hat.

Are you looking for some family-friendly activities to enjoy this November? With the cool weather, you probably want to stay inside, but you can still have some quality time with your loved ones by making crafts. These Thanksgiving crafts are sure to put a smile on your face, and you’ll end up with some decorations you can use when it’s time to host the holiday meal.

Gratitude Turkeys

There’s so much to be thankful for this year, so consider making gratitude turkeys. You’ll use construction paper for feathers and write something you’re thankful for on each one. You can create one turkey as a family, but it’s even more fun when each member makes his or her own. Then, display the turkeys around the house so you’ll be surrounded by gratitude.

Construction Paper Turkeys

Your family will go wild over these construction paper turkeys. You’ll just need some construction paper and a few other materials to create three-dimensional turkeys that will look great on your kitchen table or mantle.

Pinecone Turkey Centerpiece

Do you want to create something you can use as a centerpiece for your holiday table? This pinecone turkey centerpiece craft has you covered on that front. Pinecones are often incorporated into holiday centerpieces, but this craft takes it to the next level by turning them into a turkey. It’s surprisingly easy to make and will enhance your tablescape.

Turkey Glove Puppet

You can go from crafting to playtime when you make a turkey glove puppet. After you turn some gloves into turkeys, your little ones can put them on and have a blast. These gloves are ideal if your kids like to perform puppet shows. They can throw them on and then stage a play with the turkeys as the stars.

Turkey Finger Puppets

If you like the idea of creating crafts for puppet shows, you’ll also want to make some turkey finger puppets. Once you finish, your kids can stick their fingers through the puppets and put on quite a show. The puppets are so cute that they can serve as decorations when the stage closes for the day.

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DIY Window Clings

Do you also want to make an impression every time people pass your home?  That won’t be a problem when you make these DIY window clings. You’ll use a leaf template, wax paper, and puffy fabric paint to make the window clings. Then, you can stick the colorful leaves to your windows, so your neighbors will know you’re celebrating the season.

These crafts make it easy to fill your days as you get ready for Thanksgiving. Let your kids tackle the projects or work together as a family. Then, you can create some fun memories while crafting.

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