Get Crowned Grill Master This Summer

Happy family having barbecue party at summer garden

It’s time to take that grill master crown out and give it a dust-off because you’ll need to wear it soon. Even if it has been a while since you ventured out to grill up for family or friends, you can reclaim your title and wow your guests. And you might be a seasoned griller or new to the game, but checking out the following tips will have you back on top wearing the grill master crown in no time.

Start Fresh and Clean

The biggest mistake many people make is to try to cook with a dirty grill. You will be unhappy with the outcome if you do this. Your path to grill master success lies in cleaning up after you cook so that the next time you’re ready to grill fresh. Invest in a good grill brush. And although it is tough to go clean the grill once you’re full of delicious food, it is totally worth it. Future you will thank you.

No Food Fights

Seeing and smelling the meat on the grill can make even the most laid-back person impatient. You must try to be patient and take your time grilling. In fact, you should only flip your meat over once. Moving it too much can cause uneven cooking. Sometimes, you’ll find the meat is sticking. Usually, if you leave it to cook a little bit more, it’ll release on its own. Finally, don’t squeeze all the fatty goodness out of your meat. Of course, it sounds amazing to hear burgers and steaks sizzle. But if all that fat sizzles away, your food won’t taste as good. Try not to press too hard with the spatula.

More Fire, Less Flavor

A little char can go a long way. There are a few reasons why you don’t want too much fire when you’re grilling. First, it can overcook the outside of the meat before the inside has a chance to get to a safe temperature. Definitely get a meat thermometer to help you keep everyone safe. Also, too much char gets in the way of the meat’s flavor.

You can keep a spray bottle nearby to keep flames down without messing with the grill heat. Finally, food can continue to cook once you take it off the grill. So once you’ve hit the safe temperature mark for enough time, you may want to stop short and slightly undercook the food. By the time everyone is eating, it’s cooked, and you’ll be sporting that grill master crown.

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The Return of the Grill Master

Now that you have taken the meat off the grill, rest — the meat, that is. Resting your grilled meat locks in the flavor.

You’re back. Wear your grill master crown proudly. Refreshing yourself on these simple techniques will have you filling plates and tummies in no time. It’s time to grab your favorite grill apron and your special seasonings and get ready to grill.

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