Decorate Your Home For Halloween

Front view of put out jack-o'-lanterns and pumpkins surrounded by colorful lit candles and Halloween adornments by the window.

Decorating for Halloween is a fun chance to get into the “spirit” of the holiday. And there are tons of ways you can showcase Halloween around your home. From the front porch to the living room, you can incorporate your own style while celebrating. Try these tips for decorating your home for Halloween.

Choose a Palette

Of course, many people associate Halloween with orange and black. And while you can choose these colors, don’t feel you have to stick with only this pairing. In fact, many people go with bright yellow-green and purple, all black, or ghostly white. Still, others prefer a more harvest-themed holiday scheme. Whichever colors you choose will help you create a more unified look.

Window Distressing

Your windows are great for getting creative with cobwebs, creepy bugs, and even cutouts. In fact, you can find bat, pumpkin, and even witch templates online that you can print and use. In addition, filmy gauze or cheesecloth can help you make ghostly guests that peep out between the curtains. If you have kids, they’ll love making decorations for the window.

Mummy Dearest

Mummify parts of your home with simple supplies. If you have pillars or large planters outside, wrap cheesecloth or gauze around them. Then, make some construction paper eyes or grab some oversized googly eyes from the store. The eyes can peek out from between the mummy layers. And inside your house, you can make a dummy mummy to add to the Halloween vibe.

Haunted Home

If you want to make your yard a little scarier, make some ghosts appear. First, you’ll need a roll of chicken wire. Then, form it into whatever shapes you like. To bring out the spirits, use a little liquid fabric starch to stiffen some cheesecloth or thin fabric. Finally, put some battery-powered lights or glow sticks inside at night.

The Witch Has Landed

If you have a large planter on your porch or near the front of your home, you can craft some witch legs. The poor witch didn’t have a great landing after her flight, and now you’ll only be able to see her legs sticking up. Use garden stakes to make the legs stay upright. Then, stuff some stockings and place them over the stakes. Don’t forget the witchy shoes on top and her broom nearby.

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Bugged Out

Halloween can be a time for creepy crawlies to come out. Show off your bug collection with a quick craft. In fact, you can probably get most of the supplies from the closest dollar store. Grab some cheap frames, large plastic bugs, black matte paint, and gold paint. Then, paint the bugs gold and the frames black. Next, glue the painted bugs onto the black frames and display them around the house.

Halloween is fun because it’s a great time to let your creativity shine. In addition, the whole family can get in on the decorating. See what cool crafts you can come up with, and make your house the place to be for Halloween.

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