Dine At Mi Cabana Tonight

Serving of tacos with shredded roast pork and cheese filling on brown paper in wooden plate

If you live in Farmville, NC, and you have a taste for Mexican food, don’t settle for a fast-food taco. Grab a bite of authentic Mexican cuisine at Mi Cabana on South Main Street. Mi Cabana Mexican Restaurant offers everything from spicy fajitas to huge, double stuffed burritos with fresh veggies and your choice of meat. Take your family or a few friends and get a table for a fun night out. Or, order take out and enjoy it at home.

What to Start With

Mi Cabana has an extensive nine-page menu, filled with great dishes. Unfortunately, you can’t give everything a try in one night, so here are a few of the best bites to start with. Once you’ve fallen in love with the cooks and the delicious food they prepare, you can always come back and try a different dish the next time.  As a starter, order a bowl of chile con queso and guacamole for the table. But, don’t fill up on the chips and dip.  Save some room for a cup of chicken tortilla soup as well.

Specialty Dishes

Mixote De Borrego. Thank us later. This savory dish is leg-of-lamb marinated in Mexican barbeque sauce. It’s served with Mexican rice and pico de gallo and you are going to love it. Another specialty dish you should try is the Arroz Texano. Arroz Texano is a meaty dish of grilled chicken, steak, and shrimp on top of a bed of Mexican rice smothered in melted cheese. If what you are truly craving is a taco, the specialty tacos will not disappoint you. Order the fried fish tacos with pico de gallo and chipotle sauce.

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Vegetarian and Seafood Dishes

If you’re living a vegetarian lifestyle, the kitchen at Mi Cabana has several tasty dishes for you as well. Give the vegetarian sinchronizada a try. An order includes a fried tortilla stuffed with mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomatoes, chopped avocados, and jalapeno peppers.  If you’re craving Mexican flavors and seafood at the same time, the Camerones A La Crema is a must. Grilled shrimp, mushrooms, and spiced crema sauce combine to give your taste buds an indulgent experience.

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