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Come Dine At The Seahorse

Medium-rare prime rib dinner served with side dishes on a white plate
Since 2010, The Seahorse Steakhouse in Greenville, North Carolina, has dished fresh seafood, USDA Prime Ribeye, and much more. In fact, they’re almost famous for their steaks and for Mama’s homemade cakes. Of course, they still cut and age their meat and hand bread their seafood daily. Get a taste of home... [read more]

Dine At Mi Cabana Tonight

Serving of tacos with shredded roast pork and cheese filling on brown paper in wooden plate
If you live in Farmville, NC, and you have a taste for Mexican food, don't settle for a fast-food taco. Grab a bite of authentic Mexican cuisine at Mi Cabana on South Main Street. Mi Cabana Mexican Restaurant offers everything from spicy fajitas to huge, double stuffed burritos with fresh... [read more]

Grab A Bite At Torero’s Mexican Restaurant

Torero’s Mexican Restaurant
Do you often find yourself going to the same restaurants again and again? You might know a local spot where you know you can get something that’s going to taste good. However, it’s a problem if you never branch out. There are so many amazing restaurants around the Farmville, North... [read more]