All The Latest Driver Assistance Features Explained

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Have you noticed that new cars have tons of features that you’ve never heard of before? They’re loaded with driver assistance technology that makes driving safer and easier than before. However, it’s hard to get the most out of the features if you don’t know what they do. With that in mind, get the scoop on the latest driver assistance features.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Do you love using cruise control when driving but get annoyed when a slow car pulls in front of you? Then you have to slow down, which turns off the feature. After passing the car, you can turn it back on until it’s time to slow down again. That’s so aggravating that you might not use the cruise control as often as you’d like.

Well, you can go back to cruising full time when you get a car with adaptive cruise control. It uses sensors to detect vehicles in front of you and adjusts the speed accordingly. That means you’ll maintain a safe driving distance without having to turn cruise control off.

Forward-Collision Warning

If you fail to maintain a safe driving distance, you can get in an accident. If keeping your distance is a challenge, consider getting a car with a forward-collision warning system. It’ll let you know if you’re getting too close to the cars in front of you, so you can slow down and add more space.

Blind Spot Monitor

Changing lanes is dangerous when you can’t see cars in your blind spot. Fortunately, a blind spot monitor eliminates this problem. The sensor detects vehicles in the blind spot and alerts you when it’s not safe to change lanes.

Lane Departure Warning

You want to stay in your lane when driving, but a small distraction is all it takes to drift. The lane departure warning system will alert you if you start to leave your lane without signaling. Then you can get back in your lane and continue to your destination.

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Lane Keep Assist

You’ll find it easier to stay in your lane with lane keep assist. The autonomous future will keep your car centered between the lines, preventing you from drifting into oncoming traffic.

You can see how these technologies work by visiting Doug Henry Chevrolet Buick GMC in Farmville, North Carolina. We can show you vehicles with the latest technologies, and then you can take one or more out for a spin. When you get back to the dealership, we can prepare the paperwork so you can drive home in a new Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC today.

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