Impress Your Guests With These Holiday Cookies

Holiday Cookies
When the holidays roll around, you’ll probably find yourself having more guests over at your house. Whether you’re inviting family members or friends over, you probably want to treat them to something special when they drop by. So, just what should you make? Try these holiday cookie recipes. Most of... [read more]

Mark Your Calendars For The Jolly Trolley Polar Express

Jolly Trolley Polar Express
Everyone has a favorite Christmas story, but “The Polar Express” may just be one of the most popular out there. It’s a book, and it was made into a movie, so there are kids all around the world who hear or see this story every year and love it. And... [read more]

Show Off With These Turkey Day Casserole Recipes

Are you having friends and family over to your house for Thanksgiving this year? Or perhaps you’re just going to a potluck, and you’re expected to bring a dish. If that’s the case, you may be wondering what exactly you should make. Well, one option that will please just about... [read more]

Make Plans To Attend The Glassblowing Demo At The GlasStation

There’s not a lot that’s more interesting in glassblowing. Not only does glass look amazing after it’s already been finished, but watching the process of a new piece being made is just as cool. Whether you want to try it out for yourself or you just want to see someone... [read more]

Perk Up With Lanoca Coffee

If you love coffee, then you know that subpar stuff just doesn’t do the trick. It’s about so much more than drinking something that will perk you up – you want your drinks to taste amazing as it goes down. So, just where should you buy your beans? Well, if... [read more]

Try This Homemade Pumpkin Pie Recipe

pumpkin pie recipe
There’s nothing that says “autumn has arrived” like a rich, delicious pumpkin pie. But not just any pumpkin pie will do. Instead, you probably want to make the best one possible. If you don’t already have a tried-and-true recipe that you love using every year, you may be looking for... [read more]

Decorate Your Home For Fall On A Budget

Now that fall has finally arrived, you may want to start decorating your home to celebrate the season. There’s only one problem: Buying all that seasonal stuff can be really expensive. And when it comes to your budget, you may not have the extra cash to spend on making your... [read more]

Kick Off Your Holiday Shopping At The Down East Holiday Show

Down East Holiday Show
It’s pretty tempting to leave your holiday shopping until the last minute. After all, you have so much going on the rest of the year that shopping for the holidays may not even occur to you until it’s already the last minute. But when you do that, you open yourself... [read more]

Support Local Artists At The Youth Arts Festival

Arts Festival
Being a young artist can be difficult, especially when you are just getting started. Sometimes, these hopeful artists just need a bit of help in getting started. Why don’t you help them out and see some beautiful art in the process when you come to the Youth Arts Festival at... [read more]