Plan A Trip To The Greenville Museum Of Art

Greenville Museum Of Art
There are countless museums spread across the country, but have we ever stopped to ask ourselves why? The answer should be obvious: Whether we’re learning about local history or the history of our country, all of the information is important. It’s important to know where we came from, where we’re... [read more]

Get In The Holiday Mood With These Christmas Tunes

Christmas music
The world could be divided into two distinct types of people: those who can't get enough Christmas music, and those who cringe at the sound. People in the former camp can't wait until radio stations start broadcasting holiday tunes 24/7. The latter? They crank up news radio to avoid the... [read more]

Relax This Holiday Season At Duck-Rabbit Brewery

Duck Rabbit Brewery
Let’s say you’ve just finished a long day of holiday shopping and are looking for a place to unwind and re-charge your Christmas cheer. Have you considered Duck Rabbit Brewery? This Farmville, NC microbrewery offers delicious craft brews for your enjoyment. What’s Currently On Tap At Duck Rabbit Brewery? While the draught... [read more]

Holiday Recipes To Satisfy The Whole Family

Holiday Recipes
Let’s face it: the holidays are stressful. Gifts need to be bought for the family, relatives may be showing up at your place, and all the parties and festivities you may have to attend can make the holidays feel more like a chore than a time to be grateful. If you’re... [read more]