Your Last-Minute Turkey Day Checklist

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Thanksgiving is arguably a time in which you will have the biggest feast of the year. However, this holiday isn’t just about the food. You will have people to invite and entertain, a home to clean and get ready, and décor to set up. For example, you want to create the right ambiance for the holiday so everyone can feel comfortable and happy. Putting all of this together requires planning and preparation. Don’t wait too long to get started.

Invite Guests and Plan the Menu

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, you have some big responsibilities. First and foremost, you need to know who to invite and enjoy the day with you. Don’t assume that certain people know you want them to come over. Moreover, some folks may have other invitations for the day. No later than three weeks before the holiday, send out formal invitations to your family members and friends you want to come over. Plus, you should ask for an RSVP.

Secondly, at around this time, you’ll want to plan on what you will serve. This will first require a quick look at your budget to determine what you should purchase and make. Furthermore, the number of guests you invite will be a factor in what you make. It will be critical in deciding how much food to have.

Set Out the Decorations

About three weeks before Thanksgiving, get your decorations and start setting them up. This includes putting out the centerpieces on the table. For instance, this will allow you to see whether they look good and are ready for the big day. If necessary, you may need to purchase more decorations to complement your home or replace those that may be broken or worn out.

Get the Turkey

Although there are alternatives to eating turkey on Thanksgiving, this is undoubtedly the central piece of the meal for most people. Therefore, you want to be ready to serve an excellent selection of this traditional food. However, it takes time for a frozen turkey to defrost before it’s ready to stick in the oven. About a week before Thanksgiving is the right time to buy one. Furthermore, ensure you follow the cooking instructions so it turns out well.

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Set the Table

Lastly, you don’t want to scramble on Thanksgiving Day and try to get everything ready. You need to do this in advance. The evening before the holiday is a good time to set the table and ensure your home is in good order. Arrange chairs and other seating accommodations at this time. Put out your centerpieces and other table arrangements. Then, when your guests arrive the next day, everything is waiting for them.

These items are just a few steps to follow leading up to Thanksgiving. Do these, so your preparations are successful and less stressful.

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