Give The Chevy Equinox Another Look

2023 Chevrolet Equinox
Knowing which cars are well-made and will last a long time can be challenging. But there's one car many people are looking for in both the new and used categories. In fact, the Chevy Equinox is growing more popular over time. Many people are finding that this Chevy is not just an exciting... [read more]

Come Dine At The Seahorse

Medium-rare prime rib dinner served with side dishes on a white plate
Since 2010, The Seahorse Steakhouse in Greenville, North Carolina, has dished fresh seafood, USDA Prime Ribeye, and much more. In fact, they’re almost famous for their steaks and for Mama’s homemade cakes. Of course, they still cut and age their meat and hand bread their seafood daily. Get a taste of home... [read more]

Monster Truckz Is Coming To Your City

Monster truck on stadium.
One of the rowdiest, wildest, and most fun-packed shows is coming to the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Wilson, North Carolina. Monster Truckz will crash, rocket, and jump in fantastic ways you must see to believe. In addition, the Nitro Motocross team will perform mind-blowing feats. See these and even more when... [read more]

Want An Almost Perfect Luxury Crossover?

2023 GMC Acadia
Would you believe it if someone told you that a near-perfect crossover existed? That’s because it’s true. Even with all the crossover SUVs on the road today, it seems as though people have to compromise between functionality and luxury. However, the 2023 GMC Acadia offers both. Doug Henry Chevrolet Buick... [read more]

Explore The Farmville Art Trail

Female artist painting large wall mural.
The town of Farmville, North Carolina, may be charming and quaint, but it offers residents and visitors a wonderful and lively art scene that they can follow on the art trail. The Farmville Art Trail is filled with an array of both public art installations and arts organizations in Farmville. Follow... [read more]

Keeping Your Car’s Carpets Clean

Brake and gas pedal
There are so many magical things about the winter. However, this time of the year creates some unique challenges. That includes tracking mud, rain, snow, and debris inside your car. As a result, your vehicle’s carpets look dirty. To keep it clean on the inside, this information will help. Vacuum Often Even... [read more]

Impress With These Winter Date Ideas

Diverse visitors in modern art gallery looking at paintings. mature couple looking at paintings and listening to audio guide on headphones.
Whether you’ve dated someone for years or recently met someone you like, you want to make dates exciting and fun. However, it’s not always easy to come up with new ideas. So, check out these, which are sure to make a good impression. These tips are also ideal for married... [read more]

Time To Breakout Your Winter Clothes

Donation box with clothes with a volunteer in the background.
Now that cold weather’s here or soon coming your way, you need to bring out your winter clothes. That means putting summer items away. Although you’ve probably done this many times, here are some great tips to make the process easier. They’ll help you organize everything so you can find... [read more]

Tips For Christmas Cleanup

putting christmas back in the attic
Just like the year before, you’ll have a wonderful Christmas with your family. After everyone leaves, the house will feel eerily quiet. Initially, you’ll think that you can relax. After all, you’ve been busy. Then it’ll dawn on you that you still have all the Christmas cleanup to deal with.... [read more]

Why Tire Rotations Are Important

A mechanic changes a tire in a car repair shop.
It’s important to get the oil changed in your car, which varies from every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on what you drive. However, getting the tires rotated is just as important. Not only will this make your ride smoother, but it’ll also enhance your safety on the road. For... [read more]